UNIST Admission briefing session for ASEAN students

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Sep 07, 2015

    UNIST graduate school will be held a admission briefing session for ASEAN students as follow.

    We hope that many students will be participate in this session.



    School: HKUST

    Date: Sep 11(Fri) 14:00

    Venue: LG conference room

    Instruction language: Korean / English



    School: National University of Singapore

    Date: Sep 12(Sat) 18:00

    Venue: Engineering EA Building 6F Room No.6

    Instruction language: Korean / English



    Ho Chi Minh

    School: Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology

    Date: Sep 14(Mon) 15:00

    Venue: Building A5 Room 103

    Instruction language: English



    School: Hanoi University of Science and Technology

    Date: Sep 15(Tue) 14:00

    Venue: Room 222 in C1 building

    Instruction language: English


    School: VNU University of Englineering and Technology

    Date: Sep 16(Wed) 17:00

    Venue: Division of Science, Technology and International Relations office.

    Instruction language: English