RA/TA Scholarship (valid until 2015)

As UNIST has been changed from national university to national Institute, new scholarship policy will be announced during February, 2016

  • Tuition fee and living expenses supporting.

TA allowance


  • – Teaching Assistant(TA) operation plan will be announced at the beginning of every semester.

Scholarship amounts(by 2015)

  • Master’s Program: 150,000 KRW/month
  • Doctoral Program: 250,000 KRW/month

Students who are chosen as TA are required to support undergraduate course each semester.

Global Ph.D Fellowship


  • To improve the education and research supporting system through enlarging the relevant budget and letting students focus on their own study and research.
  • To encourage talented students to go domestic graduate schools in order to strengthen education and research power of Korea.

qualification(by 2015)

  • Korean Citizenship
  • Admitted in Ph.D. program or Combined M.S.-Ph.D. program in 2014 or 2015 spring semester.

Project Notification & Number of Spots Available

  • Project Notification: From February to April
  • Number of Spots Available: About 200(230 in 2015)

Amount & Project Period

  • Amount(by NRF): 2,500,000 KRW / month (Total 3,000,000 KRW / year)
  • Project Period: Basically 2 years. Project can be extended according to the research and academic report evaluation.
  • by the result of the evaluation, 1 year(Ph.D. course) or maximum 3 years(Combined M.S.-Ph.D. course) can be extended.

UNIST Support

  • International Conference Attendance cost(1 time, maximum 4,000,000 KRW)
  • Please refer to NRF web site( for more information.

GM Intern Fellowship


  • To provide the opportunity of an overseas internship program at GM(U.S.A) R&D center in conjunction oth a financial support provided by UNIST based on MOU between UNIST and GM.

Eligibility(by 2015)

  • Korean graduate students who would like to acquire overseas work experience and research experience at GM R&D center(USA).

Number of Beneficiaries: Max. 6 per year

Supporting amount & Other benefits

  • 5,000,000 KRW / 6months(from UNIST) for Airfare & basic living cost
  • Research fund supported by recommender(at advisor’s discretion)
  • Medical Insurance coverage(above $1,000) by GM
  • Issuing J-1 Visa $900 supported by GM(about $200 to be paid each applicant)
  • Advantage when applying for jobs in GM or other global companies, after overseas internship.