KGSP and Fall Admission

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GraceAug 19, 2018

Good day!

This might be too early since its still the start of the admission process for the spring semester but I would like to prepare as early as I can.

I am planning to apply for Fall 2019 semester in UNIST. However, since the application period also coincides with that of KGSP application, I may also try to apply for it. Do I need to prepare separate sets of documents for (1) direct application to UNIST and for (2) KGSP University Track?

Thank you very much!

Please choose 1 admission. KGSP is sponsored by Korean national goverment and provide better scholarships, but need to get though tough admission process. UNIST also provide good scholarship including full tuition and stipend. Please consider the pros and cons of two admissions and select more suitable admission for you.