Notice to interviewee waiting room (1st screening of 2015 Spring)

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Oct 10, 2014

    dear successful candidates of x-x-document screening
    please check the waiting room for your interview for 2015 admission.
    a staff will contact to you in 2 days and introduce interview schedule.
    thank you for your cooperation.
    good luck~

    interview period : october 13rd 2014 ~ october 22nd 2014
    □ interview waiting room (to be announce, 변경가능)


    school waiting room
    electrical and computer engineering engineering building 2. class 311 (3f)
    mechanical and nuclear engineering engineering building 1. class 511 (5f)
    materials science and engineering engineering building 1. class 411 (4f)
    design & human engineering engineering building 1. 1011 (10f)
    life science engineering building 1. 811 (8f)
    urban and environmental engineering engineering building 2. 701-9 (7f)
    energy and chemical engineering ※ please check your e-mail (important)
    natural science ※ please check your e-mail (important)
    business management building 604 (6f)

    □ contact information


    school department (major) telephone
    electrical &computer engineering – electrical engineering
    – computer engineering
    mechanical and nuclear
    – mechanical engineering
    – nuclear engineering
    materials science and engineering – materials science engineering 052-217-3514
    design & human engineering – industrial design
    – human and systems engineering
    life science – biomedical engineering
    – biological science
    urban and environmental
    – urban and environmental engineering 052-217-3617
    energy and chemical engineering – energy engineering
    – chemical engineering
    natural science – physics
    – chemistry
    – mathematical science
    business – management
    – finance / accounting
    – management engineering

    ※ 학부별로 면접시간 및 장소를 개별통지 하여 면접을 실시할 예정입니다.
    (department staff will contact individually to applicants and will make appointment schedule)
    ※ 모든 면접자는 면접시간 30분전에 면접 장소에 도착해야 합니다
    (all the applicant should arrive at the test site 30 minutes before the interview)
    ※ 학부사정에 따라 시간, 장소가 변경이 될 수 있습니다
    (the place and time are subject to changed)