New students application for dormitory in fall semester 2012

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Aug 06, 2012

    <additional application for dormitory for 2.3semester in 2012>


    ■ x-x-object : applicants who are canceled undergraduates or didn't apply in application term, grad student and miss the application term.

    if you are student returning to school after taking time off, call to dorm. office (052-217-6976)

    ■use of dorm term.

    1. 2semester: 2012. 8. 27(mon) ~ 11. 19(mon) ( include part of fall holiday )

    2. 3semester: notice later again use term of 3semester

    3. you have to use assignment the room in 2semester, until 3semester.


    ■ application period : 2012. 8. 9(thu) 09:00 ~ 8. 10(fri) 18:00


    ■ roommate application term : 8. 11(sat) 09:00 ~ 8. 12(sun) 18:00


    ■ dorm fee payment term: 8. 16(thu) 09:00 ~ 8.17(fri) 17:00

    1. dormitory fee includes dormitory fee, deposit and duty meal, and then pay in individual

    virtual account.

    ★ student who did not pay by indicated day will not be assigned for dorm.

    ■ significant to report

    ★ impose 2penalty points to applicants who don't follow the regular term.

    ★ addition applicants will assign 1st drom. preferentially


    ■ notice of assignment room: notice again(you have to stay assignment the room in 2semester, until 3semester.)


    ■ dorm fee

    1. dorm fee[2semester(11weeks+4days+6 days in fall holidays(50%)) 12. 08. 27(mon) ~ 12. 11. 19(mon)]

    2. the term of given menu in 2semester: [2semester(11weeks+4days)/12.08.27(mon) ~ 12.11. 13(tue)]

    ★fall vacation is not given menu.






    detail of dorm.fee (given menu, 3 meals)

    1st dorm(1person)


    693,485won(dorm.fee) +100,000won(deposit) +459,780won(given menu fee)

    1st dorm(2person)


    413,515won(dorm.fee) +100,000won(deposit) +459,780won(given menu fee)

    2nd dorm.


    483,215won(dorm.fee) +100,000won(deposit) +459,780won(given menu fee)

    3rd dorm.


    585,715won(dorm.fee) +100,000원(deposit) +459,780won(given menu fee)

    [given menu, 3 meals ]








    detail of dorm.fee ((given menu, 2meals)

    1st dorm(1person)


    693,485won(dorm.fee) +100,000won(deposit) +372,880won(given menu fee)

    1st dorm(2person)


    413,515won(dorm.fee) +100,000won(deposit) +372,880won(given menu fee)

    2nd dorm.


    483,215won(dorm.fee) +100,000won(deposit) +372,880won(given menu fee)

    3rd dorm.


    585,715won(dorm.fee) +100,000won(deposit) +372,880won(given menu fee)

    [given menu, 2meals]

    ※we will notice again about given meal by following the education ministry guidance.


    ※301,302,303bldg. contrast

    304,305bldg. : facility difference (1.3 times the area)at an additional coast to the difference.

    306,307bldg : facility difference (a bunk bed, 2.0 times the area, shower of room, each floor purifier)

    at an additional coast to the difference


    ■ application way to dormitory homepage.

    1. connecting to dormitory homepage.

    2. click to apply for accommodate in quick menu.

    3. when appear the application window enter student id number and password then click apply

    button to modify your personal password, click the button to re-apply.(unable to connect to the

    contract dormitory office.(052-217-6976~7)

    4. log in to modify your password, click on the ok button.

    5. application window appears click the register button after entering the data.

    – select given meal(2,3meal) -> select move in term-> select room(preferred bldg or roommate)

    6. boarding application window will appear. press zip code search for enrollment address.

    check the box if you are foreigner

    7. input your bank account and holder name after setting the bank for refund.

    8. press the “ok" after press the register.


    ■ dormitory payment methods

    1. access the dormitory homepage.

    2. click on output on the quick menu to print the bill.

    3. enter student id number or application number to search and print the bill.

    4. check your bills and pay through bank accounts or internet banking, telephone banking to.


    [any information]

    1. dormitory fee payment is installment 2,3semester so 2semester dormitory fee pay in payment term first, and3semester dormitory payment is according to be announced

    2. fall holidays is 2weeks so 1week includes 2semester, 1week include 3semester. and fall holidays dormitory fee is 50% discount.


    ■ further question: unist dormitory office(052-217-6977)