International students registration guide (2012 fall admission)

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Jul 30, 2012

    ■ Registration period


    o Tuition fee of payment period: Monday August 6th, 2012 to Tuesday August 7th, 2012 16:00


    ※ Freshmen pay deposit and refunded after admission

    (Scholarships are for all ADMITTED graduate students with playing a role of RA(Research Assistant) or TA (Teaching Assistant but admission fee will not be refunded.)


    ● If you don't deposit, admission may be canceled.


    ■ Course registration period (Graduate school freshmen)

    o Application date: 2012. Aug. 16th(Thu) ~ Aug. 17th(Fri)


    ■ Dormitory application

    o On-line application period: 2012. Aug. 9th(Thu) ~ Aug. 10th(Fri)

    o Dormitory fee payment: 2012. Aug. 16th(Tue) ~ Aug. 17th(Fri)

    o Date for Check in: 2012. 25th Aug ~ 26th Aug

    ※ Please check dormitory home page ( for more information.

    ※ Dormitory office: 052-217-6977


    ■ Orientation (International Students)

    o Date : 2012. Aug. 23rd(Thu) ~ 24th(Fri)

    o Place : It will be updated in admissiopn web page.