Final announcement for 2019 spring graduate admissions

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Dec 21, 2018

    * If you are Korean applicants, please click below for enrollment information.
    [  Click here  ]

    * Final Announcement for international students,  Tuition bill

    A. Date: Dec. 21, 2018(Fri.)
    B. Time: 4 p.m. (Korea local time)
    C. Required information: Application number, nationality, birthday, and gender

    [ Click here for the announcement ]

    * Enrollment information for successful international students is as below.

    1. Payment for Enrollment

    A. Period: Dec. 26(Wed.) from 10 a.m, 2018 ~ Dec 28(Fri.) by 4 p.m, 2018
    B. Bank information
    (1) Bank account: 540-32-0001785
    (2) Bank name: KYONGNAM BANK
    (3) Bank address: 246-1, SOKCHON-DONG, MASAN 630-010 KOREA
    (4) Bank BIC CODE (Swift code) KYNAKR22XXX
    (5) Beneficiary’s name: UNIST
    C. Due amount
    (1) Tuition fee: 0 won
    (2) Enrollment deposit: $300 (If you are in Korea, KRW300,000)
    * If you are residing abroad, send the scanned file of the bank transfer receipt with the sender’s name & application number via email( upon the completion of payment. Also,  Please send passport copy and personal information for VISA. International bank transfers will take 3~4 days for remittance.
    * The same applies to a succesful candidate in Korea and a substitute making the transfer for you from Korea.
    * If you did not remit the deposit, your admission should be canceled.

    2. VISA

    Please fill out the form(Go to Page) and send passport copy to  by Dec. 31th, 2018
    ※ Visa documents will be sent to you by post as soon as possible after confirming your remittance of deposit and Visa information from admissions team.

    3. APOSTILLE certificate (Attachement 1)

    All the admitted students must submit the APOSTILLE of diploma and transcript to the admissions team after arriving UNIST by Feb. 27th, 2019 
    If not, your admission would be rovoked.
    *Please be prepared in advance

    4. UNIST Student Number

    A. Click the link below and confirm your student ID number.
    B. How to: Click the link -> Click ‘graduate school’ button -> Enter personal information
    [Go to Check]
    C. Inquiry:  Educational Affairs Team 052-217-1123

    * please try it after Jan. 18th, 2019 because student ID will be made after confirming enrlloment of all succesful students

    5. Orientation

    A. Date: Feb. 21st(Thur.) ~ 22nd(Fri.), 2019  (* Date may change upon circumstances)
    B. Venue: UNIST
    C. Contents: academic rules, conditions of scholarship, health insurance, etc.
    D. If you have any questions, email to

    6. Student Residence(dormitory) Application(Attachement 2,3)

    A. Application announcement date: Jan 7th(Mon.) 6 p.m.
    – You can check detail schedule for residence application on the above date.
    – Student residence homepage:  [ Go to Dorm ]   * ID/PW are your application number of admission
    B. Application period: Jan 14th(Mon.) 8 a.m. ~ Jan 18th(Fri.) 6 p.m.
    C. Move-in the residence: Feb 24th (Sun.), 2019 9 a.m.~
    D. If you have any question, email to

    7. Medical Examination (Attachment 4)

    All newly enrolled students are required to get a Tuberculosis test(Chest X-ray only) and submit a result.
    A. Document for submission: Chest X-ray result form (Must use attached Form)
    – Screening agency: Public Health Center, Clinic or Hospital
    Deadline for submission: Feb. 28th(Thr.), 2019
    – Office for submission: Center for Healthcare and Counseling (MAB 201-B103)
    B. If you have any questions, email to or

    8. Scholarship

    A. Amount of Scholarship: Full tuition fees
    B. Eligibility:
    – Scholarship period: Whithin the class period of each degree program
    – A student who achieved at least 3 credits in the previous semester and did not received the academic warning(GPA 3.0/4.3)
    – However, a freshman is eligible to receive full tuition fee waiver scholarships for the first semester.
    C. Detailed information about scholarships will be announced during the freshmen orientation
    D. If you have any questions, email to

    ※ All succesful students are required to check notice of website and email regularly.