Dormitory guide for new International students (2012 3rd semester)

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Oct 26, 2012

    <3rd semester entrance and application for free meal in 2012 >


    ■ x-x-object

    1. 3term applicants for new :the returned student, fresher in the graduate school and enrolled student.

    2. 3term continueance user : resident at dormitory during the 2nd semester

    (exception student on a leave of absence)

    ※use consistently the assigned room in 2semester till 3semester

    (can't change the bldg, room, roommate)


    ■ use term in dormitory

    1. new applicants : 2012. 11. 26.(mon) ~ 2013. 2. 8 (fri)

    2. user consistently : 2012. 11. 20 (tue) ∼ 2013. 2. 8 (fri) (fall vacation part inclusion)

    ★ it maybe change the use term, because of new year's day.


    ■ application term

    1. new applicants : 2012. 10. 26 (fri) 09:00 ~ 10. 30.(tue) 18:00

    ※ it is assigned to each room empty room in the new application. therefore, there is no separate roommate application.

    2. continueance user : 2012. 10. 31 (wed) 09:00 ∼ 11. 2 (fri) 18:00

    ※ 3term continuance user can apply for the given meal.


    ■ how to apply for dormitory : access to the dorm homepage and apply for the bldg. (only the

    new applicants)

    1. the application procedure : select preferred bldg ? selected preferred(bldg-2person1room) ?

    select 2nd preferred (bldg-2person1room)

    ※ when you application, you have to select differently 1st preferred bldg and 2nd preferred.

    ★ we reflect the students' opinion. the intergration of 2,3semester runs the students dormitory. so new applicants is assigned to each bldg empty room. therefore can't apply roommate and according to each bldg empty room occurrence situation, it can't be assigned to the bldg in which you apply.


    ■ announce preferred bldg successful candidate for 3term new applicant : 2012. 11. 5(mon) 18:00

    1. preferred bldg order of priorities.(undergraduate)

    ① 9 students (exception priority over 5 penalty points)

    ② the random assignment the 12,11,12 students after except from the priority from penalty points



    ■ payment date for dorm. and given meal : 11. 12 (mon) 09:00 ~ 11. 16 (fri) 17:00

    1. payment term each days: 12 (mon) 09:00~24:00, 13(tue)~15(the) 00:00~24:00, 16(fri) 00:00~17:00

    2. you have to pay the cost for drom.(including deposit) and given meal in the virtual account which

    is given to an individual.

    ★ the student that doesn't pay the dorm fee and given meal fee in the payment periods, application is canceled. so we won't assigned the room.


    ■dorm fee

    ★ notice again dormitory and given meal fee.

    ■ checking assignment room: 2012. 11. 25 00:00

    1. access the dormitory homepage.

    2. log-in with your id(student no), pw(student no.).

    3. click checking assignment room after personal information management .

    4. check your room no.


    ■ 2term move-out application : 10. 31. 09:00 ~ 11. 2. 18:00

    1. access the dormitory homepage.

    2. log-in with your id(student no), pw(student no.).

    3. click move-out application after personal information management .

    4. apply after fill in the move-out date and time.

    ★ 3term student on a leave of absence etc. the move-out prospective person who have to apply move-out application in that period .


    ■ how to application.

    1. access the dormitory homepage.

    2. click to enterance application at quick menu.

    3. if the application screen shows, input your id(student no.), pw(student no. or changed pw)and click the application button. and then you click the enter application again after changing the personal password.→ please give a contact in dormitory office if it doesn't become a log-in.(052-217-6976~7)

    4. click the check for log-in password modification.

    5. if the application screen shows, click register button after fill in the data.

    – selection given meal(2meals, 3meals) or the free meal → selection move-in period →selction preferred (preferred bldg)

    6. input your contact and e-mail address.(if you are foreigner, check the foreigner box)

    7. entry bank account and holder name after setting the refund bank at the refund information.

    8. if the window whichasks the dormitory application yes or no screen shows, after pressing the registered, click the confirm button. click the confirm button, ifthe address verification screen is seen in case of a foreigner.


    ■ how to payment

    1. access the dormitory homepage.

    2. click print bill at quick menu.

    3. print bill after entry student id.

    4. check your bills and pay through bank accounts or internet banking, telephone banking to virtual account.


    [other infomation]

    1. 3term continueance user 1week includes 3rd semester. and then dormitory fee during the fall holidays , we get the 50%.


    ■ if you have further question: unist dormitory office (052-217-6977)


    unist housemaster, student council, office