Admission Guide (2015 fall admissions)-Back up

  • 1. Application Schedule (2015 Fall admissions)

    Application Schedule (2015 Spring admissions)
    Order Period Notes
    1st Screening 2nd Screening
    On-line Application(Only foreigner) March 16(Mon), 2015
    ~ April 23(Thu), 2015
    May 18 (Mon), 2015
    ~June 18 (Thu), 2015
    • Find “ADMISSIONS” at the UNIST website. Click “Apply to Graduate school” and create an account during the specified period. (English)
    • Entrance to the program is in Fall 2015. (September 2015)
    Submission of Documents (Send by post or visit in person) March 16(Mon), 2015
    ~ April 30(Thu), 2015 (By 6:00 PM)
    May 18 (Mon), 2015
    ~ June 25 (Thu), 2015
    (By 6:00 PM)
    • The required documents should arrive at the UNIST Graduate Studies Team by this date. Applicants must have already completed the online application.
      ※ The venue for document submission is expected to draw very large crowds close to deadline. To ensure proper handling of your case, please submit your documents as early as possible.
    Announcement of Documents review result May 12 (Tue),2015 July 7 (Tue), 2015
    • The details will be notified individually by the representatives of the relevant Department directly.
    Oral Interview May 14 (Thu), 2015
    ~ May 22 (Fri), 2015
    July 9 (Thu), 2015
    ~ July 17(Fri), 2015
    Announcement of Successful Candidates June 3 (Wed), 2015 July 29 (Wed), 2015
    Registration Depend on
    Academic Calendar
    • The dates above are subject to change without a prior notice.
  • 2. Programs offered for Admission

    Programs offered for Admission
    School Research Field
    School of Electrical and Computer Engineering Electrical Engineering
    Computer Engineering
    School of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering Mechanical Engineering
    Nuclear Engineering
    School of Materials Science and Engineering Materials Science Engineering
    School of Life Science Biomedical Engineering
    Biological Sciences
    School of Design and Human Engineering Industrial Design
    Human and Systems Engineering
    School of Urban and Environmental Engineering Urban and Environmental Engineering
    School of Energy and Chemical Engineering Energy Engineering
    Chemical Engineering
    School of Natural Science Physics
    Mathematical Sciences
    School of Business Management
    Management Engineering
    • Details on tests for each school will be released at a later date.
    • ※ All undergraduate degree’s are recognized as valid prerequisites for graduate level students at UNIST.
    • ※ Finance/Accounting only offer master’s courses.
    • ※ Industrial Design applicants are recommended to submit portfolio or other materials that verify
      his/her abilities. Industrial Design’s new students enrollment of period (2015 Sep or 2016 Mar) will be decide by department admission committee.
  • 3. Eligibility

    Program Eligibility
    For the Master’s Program and the Combined Master’s-Doctoral Program
    • Applicants with a Bachelor’s degree
    • Applicants who will be awarded a Bachelor’s Degree by February 2016
    • Applicants who have an educational background equivalent to the above.
    For Doctoral Program
    • Applicants with a Master’s degree
    • Applicants who will be awarded a Master’s Degree by February 2016
    • Applicants who have an educational background equivalent to the above.

    Required Scores in English Tests

    ※ Official English Test Score

    Official English Test Score (Required Scores in English Tests)
    (Level 2)
    (Level 3)
    (Speaking & Writing)
    800 80 213 550 5.5 640 67 89 270

    ※ The test date on the certificate should be within 2 years of the deadline for the online application.

    ※ Applicants should submit one of them.

    • Korean applicants must submit the score from an official English test when they apply to UNIST. (The above scores are a requirement for graduation, not for admission, and thus do not need to be met at the time of the application.)
    • Native English speakers are exempt from submitting a score.(U.S, Canada, U.K, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand)
      ※ When English is used as an official language in an applicant’s country, in addition to other languages, applicants (List of countries are shown below ) do not need to submit a score when they apply for admission. But must submit a certificate stating that they have completed all of their university courses in English.
    • Otherwise, an official English test score that exceeds the graduate standard must be submitted

    List of English is used as an official language

    List of English is used as an official language
    Continent where Country
    Africa Botswana, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mauritius, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Sudan, Swaziland, Zambia, Uganda, Zimbabwe
    South America Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Bahamas, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana
    ASIA India, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore
    Central America Belize
    Europe Malta
    North America Jamaica
    Oceania Fiji, Kiribati, the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu
  • 4. Required Documents (All forms can be downloaded from admission web page)

    Required Documents

    • Completed Application Form (With attached 4cm×5cm photo)
    • Certificate of Graduation and Transcripts (All original)
    • Original Record of English Tests (Refer to page 09)
    • Additional documents that show applicants qualification or research achievements if available

    ※ All documents should be translated into either English or Korean, and be notarized or authenticated by a public notary

    Additional Notice

    • Graduates from foreign universities
      * All graduation certificates and transcripts must be submitted and copies signed to the office of the registrar.
    • Degree Holders from China
      Please submit 中國高等敎育學歷査詢報告(Issued by the Ministry of Chinese Education)
    • Foreign degree holders might be asked to submit additional documents.
    • Applicants on military duty must submit either a Certification of Expected Discharge or an approval of attendance.

    Evaluation Process

    • 1) Screening of Documents
      • English Proficiency / Official English Test Score / Transcript
      • Research Plan and personal statement
    • 2) Personal Interview
      • Basic knowledge of major(s), demonstration of proficiency in English and level of interest in – research activities
        * International applicants can have a telephone / Skype interview

    Submitting Your Application

    • 1) On-line Application
      • Find Admission. Click “Apply to Graduate school” on UNIST Admissions website ( Open the on-line application program and create your own account.
        (Note: There is no application fee for international students)
      • Research Plan and personal statement
    • 2) Submission of Required Documents
      • After completing your online application, print out the completed Application Form
      • Send your application packet via registered mail by May 1st , 2014, along with the required documents to the following address:
    • Graduate Studies Team
      UNIST-gil 50(100 Banyeon-ri), Eonyang-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan Metropolitan City, Republic of Korea, 689-798

      • Note : The admissions staff might request additional documents from the applicant, should there be a need to clarify the eligibility or verify the authenticity of submitted materials.
  • 5. Scholarship (Including tuition & living expenses)

    ※ This is subject to change by revision national research institute at September.

    Scholarships for enrolled students

    1) UNIST Nine Bridges & Star Fellowship
    • Who may apply
      • New students : Excellent research record holders in either the combined Master’s-Doctoral Program
        or the Doctoral Program
      • Current students : Holders of outstanding published research papers (Lead Author)
    • Number of Scholarships : Approximately 12~14 awardee each year
    • Scholarship : KRW 25,000,000 for 1st year and 30,000,000 ~ 35,000,000 per year for 2nd and 3rd (Subject to change be seal on yearly evaluation)
      * Students holding this Nine Bridges & Star Fellowship scholarship are not eligible to receive an RA/TA scholarship at the same time.
    • Term: 3 Years
    2) Nobel & Star Fellowship
    • Who may apply: Excellent applicants in either the combined Master’s-Doctoral Program or the Doctoral Program
    • Number of beneficiaries: Approximately 5 awardees each year
    • Amount: KRW 30,000,000 / year
      (Selected students are not allowed to also hold an RA/TA Scholarship)
    • Term: 3 Years
    • Students who have earned an undergraduate degree from a university abroad will receive a special exemption from tuition fee for the first semester of their admission year.
      • Note : The admission fee(KRW 300,000) is not exempted.
      • Criteria : approximately the upper 30% of admitted students from abroad recommended by their department and advisor.
    3) RA /TA scholarship & stipend
    • Engineering
      • Students in Master’s Program : above KRW 1,140,000 per month
      • Students in Ph.D. Program : above KRW 1,340,000 per month
    • Management
      • Students in Master’s Program : above KRW 1,040,000 per month
      • Students in Ph.D Program : above KRW 1,240,000 per month
  • 6. On-Campus Housing

    • Students can be stay in the dormitories on campus but this policy is subject to change.
      For further information, contact the Dormitory Administration Office
  • 7. Important Information

    • Admission shall be cancelled if a successful applicant fails to pay the registration deposit the tuition fee to the bank designated by the university.
    • Submitted documents will not be returned.
    • Applicants are granted admission to only one school.
    • The UNIST Admissions Team may place applicants in either an MA or a combined MA-Ph.D program, according to each applicant’s qualifications.
    • All documents should be translated into either English or Korean, and be notarized
      (or authenticated by a public notary).
    • International students should provide their own insurance against injuries or sickness and the insurance compensation limits must be a minimum of US$10,000.
      Note: Travelers Insurance is available in Korea.
    • UNIST will provide many chances for scholarships for international students to ensure that they have a secure life while here in Korea.
    • For more information, please visit the UNIST Homepage (
    • If the applicant gained admission in an illegal manner, such as forgery or alteration of documents or through translation errors on the documents, the admission shall be cancelled (or all the academic records shall be erased). Furthermore, if a criminal case is suspected, the student will be reported to the authorities in both countries in accordance with the law.